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Welcome to the Home page of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey


With the belief and support of the International Court System, we became an Imperial & Sovereign Court effective October 2nd 2004, and joined Vancouver as the only other city in the Province of British Columbia that has an Imperial Sovereign Court.

On October 2nd 2004 - the first Coronation Ball was attended by some 17 visiting courts from throughout Canada and the United States and was a very successful Coronation Ball. The event was also attended by the Founder of the International Court System - Her Majesty, Empress 1 Jose - The Widow Norton who officiated in the crowning of  the first Elected Emperor and Empress  -  Martin And Taylor Mayd Storm, who stepped down on October 2nd, 2005, and became members of the College of Monarch's 



Membership in Empire of the Peace Arch Monarchist Association & the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey is $5 per year per person!

All memberships are due on or before Investiture. You have to be a paid member in good standing to vote at the AGM of EPAMA.

To arrange your membership please email  EPAMA

Reign XV

Served for 2 Calendar years due to the Covid pandemic. There will be a fresh reign once all the negative impacts of Covid are in the past and travel is once again an option


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