Welcome to the Home page of the Imperial Sovereign Court of Surrey

With the belief and support of the International Court System, we became an Imperial & Sovereign Court effective October 2nd 2004, and joined Vancouver as the only other city in the Province of British Columbia that has an Imperial Sovereign Court.

On October 2nd 2004 – the first Coronation Ball was attended by some 17 visiting courts from throughout Canada and the United States and was a very successful Coronation Ball. The event was also attended by the Founder of the International Court System – Her Majesty, Empress 1 Jose – The Widow Norton who officiated in the crowning of  the first Elected Emperor and Empress  –  Martin And Taylor Mayd Storm, who stepped down on October 2nd, 2005, and became members of the College of Monarch’s 


All memberships are due on or before Investiture. You have to be a paid member in good standing to vote at the AGM of EPAMA.

To arrange your membership please email  EPAMA

Reign XVI

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