The Imperial House of Outwit, Outlast, Outplay – Survivor

October 2004 – October 2005

Peace Emperor Martin Rooney (Storm)

Arch Empress Taylor Mayd Storm

Imperial Crown Prince Bruce Mayd Storm (Coddington)

Imperial Crown Princess

Melissa Mayd Storm (Healey)

Reign Colors- Sapphire Blue and Silver

Reign 1 Highlights

October 2004 – Created the first Youth Court titles

January 2005 – Founded the Surrey Youth Alliance

May 2005 had the single largest one night benefit in community history- $4300 at “straight to drag” a breast cancer fundraiser

Travelled and attended 21 Out of Town Coronation weekends

Continued the tradition of Christmas Hampers with SCSS (now KEYS)

Created the Award – the Imperial Order ofSurrey

Coronation step downtheme “A Nightof Imperial Challenge, Outlast- The Final Survivor”

Had the distinct honor of being crowned by Her Imperial Majesty, the Late, Absolute Empress 1 Jose – The Widow Norton and
then the only Canadian Court to have back to back state visits by Jose, who entertained the audience for 30 mins live at Coronation 2.